Scalp Micropigmentation Case Study

Looking for a real hair loss solution for thinning hair or male pattern baldness?
After 15 years of experience in hair loss we still hear the same stories over and over again.

The people that visit us at our (Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic) SMP Clinic in Melbourne, have tried everything,

  • products,
  • supplements,
  • medication,
  • lasers
    and the list goes on.

In the end, people can suffer from anxiety, loss of self-confidence, and feeling unattractive as they appear older than they really are.

They have spent thousands of dollars and have seen very little to no results.

For lots of young men, hair loss can turn into a psychological condition and have a negative impact on one’s self esteem.

This is Xavier’s story:

Xavier started to have hair thinning issues in Year 11. After reading some articles on the internet, he put it down to ‘stress’. He was studying to get into medical school, and he believed the problem would resolve itself down the track. At this stage, not many of his peers noticed much.


His best friend, who he had known since primary school, said that his hair made him look ‘wiser’. Xavier felt a bit self-conscious at times, but he wanted to concentrate on his studies. After getting into medical school, Xavier started to go out with a girl Xavier would use products from time-to-time, especially, the miracle products he saw advertised for male pattern baldness. Xavier’s hairline continued to recede more and more.


Even though he was not depressed or overly concerned at this stage, he was feeling more and more self-conscious about his hair loss. But things turned desperate and very emotional for him when both he and his girlfriend were in their final years of university. During a hospital placement round, his girlfriend was teased by a fellow student saying that she would definitely pass her placement because she was ‘sleeping with her boss’.


After his girlfriend explained to her friend that Xavier was the same age and they had been going out for several years, his girlfriend’s friend said, ‘I just thought that bald man was your supervisor’. It was only an innocent comment, but Xavier’s girlfriend began to notice his hair loss more and more.


She started cropping off the top of Xavier’s head when she posted photos on Facebook. She told Xavier that she loved him the way he was, but his self-confidence was shattered. He started feeling depressed, helpless, and for the first time, he experienced anxiety!

At The Face and Hair Clinic, Dr Andrew Kim has not only has seen many clients like Xavier, he has lived through the story himself and is now chief surgeon of his very own SMP Clinic in Melbourne.

We educated Xavier on the issue of male pattern baldness, what has been scientifically proven to work, and how we could help him aesthetically with a method that is similar to scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) and also the option of having a hair transplant.

Using a combination of treatments and methods, many of our clients can achieve a younger look, but more importantly we can help clients overcome the anxiety of feeling unconfident about their appearance.

Find out how we can help you today.