Jawlines and Neck Injectables

Shaping of the face can be more important than lines and wrinkles. Having good definition, will give you a more youthful face. We look at 3 areas and potential types of treatments to give you a less slackened jowl and a more attractive jawline and neck.

Masseters/Jawline slimming

Different studies have shown that 50-70% of people clench or grind their teeth to some degree. Some patients only find this out when they have their regular visit to their dentist. This habit often only activates at night time while you are asleep. The side effects of jaw grinding can be found on the internet and in other literature, however mild to severe headaches could also be the result of teeth grinding. Relaxing the masseter muscle can also be an extremely effective treatment for TMJ or TMD.

If patients have tried physiotherapy, mouth guards, etc and all these treatments have failed to work, often muscle relaxant is the final answer for many of our patients. Patients often report that they experience less regular headaches to almost no headaches during the 3-4month period while the treatment is effective.

Aside from health benefits, many people seek this treatment for pure aesthetic reasons. This treatment can deliver a more defined v-shape appearance and result in a sharper jawline for the patient. Many will get comments that they appeared to have ‘lost weight’. Non-surgical jawline slimming has remained a somewhat secretive and less talked about treatment until recently as many more people are discussing it more on the internet and amongst friends. I was very surprised when my girlfriend confessed to me that she has been having this treatment for over 17 years! Initially, the treatment was for health reasons, but once the habit was corrected, she fell in love with the sharper shaped jawline.

Jawline tightening (Nefertiti lift)

Results to these areas are generally very natural and subtle. Expect a minimum of 20 units to 40 units. If patient have excess laxity in the soft tissue of the skin, then muscle relaxant may not deliver optimal result. A traditional Facelift may be considered. However, muscle relaxant can deliver good results on the loss of jawline definition in the early stages. Both the jawline and the neck can be treated together and can have a complimentary result.

Platysma bands (Neck lift)

Neck bands can appear as a result of an over-active neck Platysma muscle. These muscles pulls down the neck and as a result, the ‘turkey waddle’ and ‘stringy neck’ can appear. Results to these areas are generally very natural and subtle. Expect a minimum of 20 units to 40 units. Both the neck and the jawline can be treated together and can have a complimentary result.

It is important to point out that we are all individuals and although there are some guidelines on dosage(amount of medication needed), we find that there could be a significant difference from patient to patient. Dosage, frequency and longevity of treatment can vary. A normal to higher dosage infrequently (every 3-4 months) can suit many people while others experience a better result from having a lower dosage more frequently. Please book in for a face to face consultation with one of our practitioners for a personalised assessment.

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