There are many reasons why we experience hair loss. For most people, this is a non-reversible phenomenon.

In females, most people will experience irreversible hair thinning when they reach late 30s to 40s, but unlike men, women will rarely go bald. If you have hair loss due to medical reasons, it is mostly due to auto immune disorders and sometimes reversible.

No matter what the reason is, hair loss can be an embarrassing condition. We have introduced a solution from Europe that is suitable for everyone and for all ages. Our treatment is affordable, has no daily maintenance and most importantly, looks completely natural and amazing!

Introducing the TricoPro™ Hair Loss Solution

TricoPro™ is a breakthrough technology in the treatment of hair loss. It takes a different approach to the problem of hair loss , and is suitable for anyone experiencing this distressing issue. Our German designed equipment delivers amazing results instantly. Other hair loss products such as shampoos, sprays and pills don’t work for everyone but we can deliver results that you will actually see by the time you walk out of our clinic. Say goodbye to thinning hair and shinny bald patches, call us now on 03 9041 2014 and benefit from this new advanced procedure!

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Questions

We are here to answer any questions you have about the whole Scalp Micropigmentation process, below are some answers to the most common questions but please get in touch if you have any specific you’d like to ask.

Do I need to put product in my hair regularly as part of this procedure?

No. The result is semi-permanent and will not require you to use any products regularly as part of this procedure.

Can I still take my regular medication or use my special hair products with this procedure?

Yes, we encourage you to continue with your medication (most likely to be Finasteride) which will reduce the rate of hair loss. Minoxidil is also another product that has proven to have results. Aside from that, patients are most likely to be so happy with this procedure that they will never use any products apart from shampoo!

How is this different to tattoo(micro-pigmentation)?

Firstly, have you ever seen a tattoo that doesn’t change shape and colour? No matter what people say, darker colour tattoos (especially black or brown) does not hold its original colour forever. The worse is that when you apply this to the scalp, it will turn green or blue, now that would not be a good look!!

The traditional tattoo also penetrates the skin pretty deep depending on the colour and area of the body. This also leaves a permanent scar which can be a red or dark colour.

Our technology allows us to only apply a semi-permanent medical ink to the very superficial layer of the dermis. This means the colour will not change and leaves no scars behind.

Is this procedure painful, do I need anaesthetic or any medication before or during the procedure?

No. Because we only work on the very superficial layer of the dermis, it is not painful like tattoos. No anesthetic will be needed.