Crows Feet (Laughter Lines) Injectables

The eyes are the window to the soul. They have the highest cosmetic value on our face. When we talk to another person, we often make eye contact throughout the conversation, making the other person visually focus on your eyes.

When we are cheerful, happy and positive, we raise our eyebrows, the levator muscle tightens which then causes a slight lifting of the eyelash. Muscle relaxant treatment on the crows feet can cause a significant improvement to early drooping of the outer corner of the eyelid, making your eyes look more open and brighter. Although, treatment on this area results in an extremely high satisfaction rate amongst most patients, there are limitations to the ‘brow lifting’ effect that this treatment can offer. This depends on the amount of excess skin on the eyelid and the functioning of the levator muscle. In some cases, a surgical eye rejuvenation/blepharoplasty, correction of the levator muscle (ptosis), and/or a surgical forehead lift will need to be considered to achieve a higher satisfaction result for the patient.

Depending on dosage used and frequency of treatment, in overwhelmingly the majority of cases, patients enjoy brighter, more opened eyes, and most importantly, the disappearance or significant softening of the laugh lines/wrinkle in that area.

It is important to point out that we are all individuals and although there are some guidelines on dosage(amount of medication needed), we find that there could be a significant difference from patient to patient. Dosage, frequency and longevity of treatment can vary. A normal to higher dosage infrequently (every 3-4 months) can suit many people while others experience a better result from having a lower dosage more frequently. Some have also lectured on the long-term benefits of muscle relaxant treatment, basically viewing it as a ‘prevention’ as well as a short-term ‘treatment’ for wrinkles. Please book in for a face to face consultation with one of our practitioners for a personalised assessment.


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